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jimbo wrote a review of on September 18, 2011

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Marker claim this binding has a level riding position and that is simply not true. I just measured it and it has a 5mm higher heal than toe. This is called delta (difference) by many people. Wierd they should claim it is flat when it is actualy very high and higher than many other manufacturers. Only the look lifter is high as far as I know at 6mm and you can remove the riser under the heal and make it actualy flat.



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jimbo wrote a review of on January 1, 2011

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I love the green intent but this stuff is nasty. It goees on just like regular wax but it goes off super hard and is really hard to scrape off. It gets so hard that it does not come off like regular wax in nice curly slices, it chips and cracks. It took hours to scape it off with a metal scaper (plastic will not cut this stuff).
Confused, did one ball actualy tried this crap before bringing it to market?
Now I have to use a solvent to get it off, not so green after all.
No stars....