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James D. Marco

James D. Marco

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James D. Marco

James D. Marco wrote a review of on June 15, 2009

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I have been using my SVEA since the late 60's. It has NEVER failed to start and burn. My kids do not remember a time without it (30+ years old these days.) Small and portable, it can cook for 4, more in a pinch. I must've purchased 12-15 replacements over the past 25 years. Wisperlites, simerlites, alcohol stoves, kerosene stoves, etc... I always go back. Not really a true ultra-light, but, if it don't work, you are carrying excess weight. The SVEA always works.




James D. Marco

James D. Marco wrote a review of on October 23, 2008

4 5

A good weather tent. Some problems with condensation at lower temps (<50F)and in long rain storms. I think there is too much internal surface for the vent area provided. Small? Yes. 30 sqft is small, barely enough. Just don't be a big person...think small! Yes, 2#11 is light, and it packs small. The condensation is my only bug with it.