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jak4372247wrote a review of on November 28, 2012

Terrible Chinese junk, not Coal standard
1 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

I have rocked several Coal Frena classics in the past and have considered myself a Coal customer. The Frena's stood up to some incredible winters overseas and were really great hats, I still have them and wear them. I'm a fan of Coal.

THIS HAT, however, is a piece of crap. I'd try to be more descriptive, but I don't know how. It lasted one week before massive holes appeared on the top of the hat and the stitches running down the side started ripping apart.

No, I wasn't climbing with it, or wearing it on the mountain, or doing anything. I was just wearing it. It lasted one week and literally fell apart. I sent Coal pictures, a description, etc. Coal refused to send me a different type of hat for free unless I paid the price difference between the new hat and the Frena Light. They have basically lost me as a customer, not that it's a big deal as I buy a Coal hat once every two years.

Stay away from this piece of junk - buy the regular Frena or buy something from another brand.

Attached is a picture of the hat after two or three days of wear around a city.




jak4372247wrote a review of on January 7, 2011

4 5

I have been wearing this boot in a city environment in daily -20 F. Has it been warm enough? Sort of. Has it been warmer than everything else I've been wearing? Yes.

These boots are stylish and seem very well made. I haven't worn them long enough to comment on durability, but I think they will probably hold up well. I have the black, and while I appreciate their inconspicuous look in this color, I think they will probably look sharper in the tan.

The boots are warm.

This boot, however, is not made to gobble your foot in a pile of cushy, comfy, warm insulation. This was a boot that was clearly made to allow you to stuff it with the sock of your choice. It's roomy, and it expects you to handle that yourself. I routinely wear a SmartWool Mountaineering sock with them and find it to be a great combo. I am a little let down - I don't know how the boot will do in the fall, as a smaller sock might not be enough for it. Something to think about.

They are exceptionally light for what they are and have had excellent grip in everything. I trudge through snow, slush, ice, and regular pavement without thinking twice.

Highly recommended, true to size.