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hun4189488wrote a review of on July 15, 2011

Yes its a jacket
4 5

Great jacket, exactly what I was looking for, light, effective and not going to overheat you. Cool looking jacket, I also dig the thumbholes, wish more jackets came with that option. Only caution is that while very good tool for the job, do not get it if you plan to bushwhack as is it not built for that and will tear up in no time, great though for cool windy days on the mountain! MH is the best fitting gear for tall lean guys! Only reason it got 4 stars is im waiting for some future space jacket that can do it all and take a bullet!





hun4189488wrote a review of on December 10, 2010

Love the looks/performance, hate the sizing game
4 5

So I got this jacket, thinking to size up would be a good idea. (Because its a European line). Im almost done with the guessing game of euro fit. This jacket seems high quality, and looks AWESOME. Its lightweight, compressable, and im sure warm(if I had the right fit). Again, like some rab jackets ive tried in Large, which were to small, this one a swiss line I ordered a XL. Im 6'3" 185ish.I was kinda swimming in it. could probably cram a basketball in the stomach area if I really tried. Also could have had some fat arms and fit in this jacket.
So a quick simple review. Sizing is WEIRD, maybe this jacket fits closer to american sizing? But then the neck was pretty dang tight when zipped, I prob. could have choked myself out if I looked down for more than 10 sec. Zipper was hard to get started(but I could care less about that)sleeves were a bit long and roomy chest was overly roomy. Of course all this said maybe a Large would be great(minus the neck tightness)(and no,I dont have roid neck)So im returning this, but I would like to get another in a smaller size, however due to this being the 4th jacket shipped back for try ons, this is getting expensive. So I may wait and try to figure out the grand mystery/guessing game of European lines. One more note, I love some of these Euro companies stuff, its also nice to have something other than North Face,(though at least NF sizing is predictable) no offence just where I live its becoming like affliction wear. If anyone has any ideas on how to better gauge foreign line sizing please let me know, BC is the only source I have for these uniques lines, Thanks, Ill try to post a pick if anyone has even finish reading this rant. Just honestly trying to help out another gear schmuck like myself.