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hammetter1793015wrote a review of on April 19, 2012

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This package came with everything I needed to get started and at a price ($70) that that I could recoup after just a month or two of not having to rent at the rock gym. I started climbing a few months ago in a class that provided the equipment, so this was an inexpensive way to continue climbing. I don't have much to compare with, but the chalk bag seems great- closes well but opens big enough that my hands can easily get in and out. The buckles on the leg straps of the harness are a little strange in that they tend to twist slightly (maybe a quarter turn) but I'd say it still plenty comfortable and metal buckles have a nice finished that makes them seem hardy and resistant to corrosion. Some un-pictured bonuses- a mesh bag for the harness, a separate belt for the chalk bag (for bouldering I guess), and a mesh backpack to hold everything. I'm loving it so far...