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Edjude P.

Edjude P.

Edjude P.

Edjude P.wrote a review of on March 10, 2010

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Day 1 sucked, and I almost gave up. Of course, they were a little stiff, and I didn't have the boot/binding configuration right. Also, the wire for the latch kept pushing the latch up, which meant reaching down to push it down before kicking into the straps. Major frustration, and I quit after about 3 runs.

Deciding that I really wanted to get these to work, I pressed on the next day. Man, was I surprised. I basically beat the shizz out of them till they broke in a bit, and was able to board all the way to the gate, drop the back latch, skate thru, board the lift, skate off the lift and latch em back up without butt to the snow! Talk about fast!

Since I've only had them through 2 days of runs, I can't tell you how they will be a month/year from now. But for now, I'm impressed.

Ride Board, Flow M9 Bindings, Burton Boots.