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geo3448003 wrote a review of on March 22, 2010

Primus LiTech Coffee Press - How-To-Pour
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I've been using the Primus LiTech Coffee Press in the field for several months. It's a great pot for cooking and making coffee. It's light and strong, and gets beat up in my pack gear. I put my coffee mug in the pot, a small Tupperware container of coffee in my mug, on top is the press filter and on top of that, is the pot lid. The pot goes in the Primus supplied carry bag and on top of the pot are two smaller Tupperware containers, one with creamer and other with sugar, along with two coffee scoops and the coffee press rod. The top of the carry bag gets pulled shut and in the pack it goes. Some are complaining about how the coffee pours from the pot. OK, it's not perfect pouring, but work it out, watch my video on You Tube here and learn how:




geo3448003 wrote a review of on January 15, 2010

Nice Add-on -- Small Caution
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The pot support fit is perfect, tight enough to hold larger pots, loose enough to be removed one handed. While the stove burns you can quickly remove a large pot, one handed snap off the pot support and exchange it with the Jetboil pot. The stability legs are a neat idea, they work with large and small Jetboil canisters and other makes....but the Coleman Butane/Propane tanks are just a bit to large and will normally break a leg taking it on or off (...don't ask how I know!). I think they should include these items with the stove (...I know, it's a price!!). If you have a Jetboil PCS, these are like..."Must Have"...Add-on's!