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I love gear! I write a blog about the gear I have or have used.
I love to snowboard, Kiteboarding, Mountainboarding, rock climbing, Longboarding, riding my beach cruiser around, Kayaking, Hiking, Camping. All those fun outdoor things. I love indoor things as well such as going to the ballet, crocheting beanies, sewing, and watching movies.

I am the snowboard program director for a new snowboard team for females in the salt lake city area
I previously worked at for 2 1/2 years in customer service and merchandising.

I started a women's gear review blog. the address is
There I go indepth into gear I have tested, own, use and love. Please check it out! wrote a review of on November 26, 2012

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

these are awesome! I have been on my set since april 2012 with no wear or tear signs. I only use the memory foam cushions....they are AWESOME! they rock so much on airplanes, just stick them in and they work like ear plugs and block out all the noise from the plane and the screaming baby in the other row. The sound quality is amazing! You can change the songs by clicking 2 times and pause with one click. when using this as a hands free set and talking on your phone, the person on the other line would have no idea you are using them, the sound it so crisp without lots of background noise.



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Put your own spin on an awesome product
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I love my tanks, they are so awesome and anyone that puts them on agree! the sound quality is phenomenal and really drowns out the noises of the world. These are super durable and you can yank, twist and pull these on all directions with no worries on breakage. The ear padding is so comfortable and does not cause pain on the ear like other headphones like these. I have a very small head and these fit me great and my boyfriend has a HUGE head and they fit him as well with no pressure points.
I used paint pens and sharpies to make mine and then used a Matte finishing spray. Drew Brophy suggested this, it makes it easy to do touch ups and makes a very nice professional finish.



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the tanks have a large sound output (awesome bass!) and the ear pads are super cushy and seal around your ear so you get amazing sound canceling properties. I am wearing the phoenixes now and they are dope...but I also LOVE my tanks!

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you can get the sound disk beanie and you can take the sound disks out of your beanie when you shred and you can put them in your helmet ear flaps, if it is audio compatible. you can always use the beanies under as well with the sound disks kept in.

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yes! these will fit large heads, my boyfriend has a massive dome and these are the most confortable headphones he has had. I have a small head and these also fit me and are very comfortable. the sound quality is amazing, these are a must have!




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