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fresh seeker

fresh seeker

fresh seeker

fresh seekerwrote a review of on November 17, 2009

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so i got this pack thinking it would be a minimal, well thought out pack. although it is minimal there are too many straps that seem to serve no purpose. the top of the pack extends two feet above the part that is pictured. if you filled the pack to the top, you would be falling over because it was so top heavy. it is a waste of material since the straps that go over the top won't allow you to pack it that full with them cliped in. its hard to explain, i would recommend looking at one in person before buying.there is nothing but one giant bag with two pockets on the side that seem pretty tight and its hard to even fit a water bottle when the pack is full.i would go for the LATITUDE VAPOR which has a smart zipper design to to access everything in the pack. its got a little bag that fits in the top and a hydration compartment that can be use for whatever else. all this for a backbreaking 5 oz more!
oh yea the small is 3300 ci , regular is 3600ci, and large is 3900 ci. the weight of the pack WILL vary depending on size. i believe the regular is 2lbs 5oz.




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