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frenchrider wrote a question about on December 9, 2009

I'm considering these mitts but I'm hesitating between the men's and the women's version (color not being an issue); got a couple of questions:

- is the tether system (wrist strap) that's shown in the pics of the men's mitts also present on the women's version?
- fit wise, what's the difference between the two? (Has anyone ever tried on both versions in the same size?
- size wise, how baggy do they run? I'm between sizes, should I up- or downsize?
- what's the




frenchrider wrote a review of on March 5, 2007

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Before purchasing Burton Emeralds my advice would be to think again and make sure you've crossed off all other options. I bought mine because of the fit (I have to give them credit -- they're very comfortable), but would not repeat the experience. 30-some riding days later, they're absolutely destroyed (sole is punched out, laces broke, no support left; they're as soft as sneakers). Bottom line is, think again of how long you hope to keep your boots.