Justin G.

Justin G.

Justin G.

Justin G.wrote a review of on December 22, 2009

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This watch is greatly constructed, bold, and solid.

PROS: I wear this everyday in an industrial environment climbing around steel structures, etc...in 8 Months, the tungsten bezel has not scratched, nor has the crystal. there are a couple minor scuffs on the upper parts of the stainless band, but i am very happy with it's durability.

Cons: 1. It seems to run a little slow out of the box. from what i understand, i think a watchmaker can adjust this for me...
2. After about 7 months, the watch inexplicably stopped one day for about 8 hours while actively wearing it, and no amount of time adjustment or winding got it restarted - it just restarted on its own at some unknown time - maybe a trip to the watchmaker can shed some light on this as well.