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etiennecar2074384 wrote an answer about on March 9, 2009

Nope. They do it the standard way, special ping-pong balls. Most pack manufacturers determine the cubic capacity of a pack by the amount of these ping-pong balls it can hold (1 ball = The spin drift/roll-down collar was not taken into consideration when determining this size. I wouldn't consider the collar useless either. It is nice if the load gets a little full. It also helps keep moisture out pretty effectively without the use of a top-lid, thus reducing it's weight considerably. Granite Gear doesn't put 'useless' things on their packs. This includes 'useless' seams, pockets, zippers, etc. that will not only increase it's weight, but make it less durable and more complicated. It is a very well thought-out pack.____________________________That was an awesome answer!Thanks so much!