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elh4832112 wrote an answer about on December 8, 2011

Hi Kate,
You can buy in Australia but they are much much more expensive. If you use a freight forwarding company you can buy from backcountry, ship to the US address they provide and have them forward to Australia. I use Hop Shop Go but there are plenty of others. Even with international shipping costs if I buy on sale with a good Aussie dollar (& assuming you get free shipping within the US) I have still saved a truckload. Things to watch out for are: shipping is calculated by volume NOT weight so if backcountry packages your items in boxes with a lot of fillers or air you will be paying to ship empty space also watch customs limits so you don't get charged GST coming into Australia. You need to run the sums for yourself - probably not worth it if you are only buying 1 top but we restocked all our camping/hiking gear this year and were 30 - 50% better off than buying in Australia. Happy Shopping!