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e_paul1465981 wrote a review of on March 16, 2009

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I took a pair of Yaktrax to the bottom of the Grand Canyon a couple of winters ago. There was a chance of snow when we left the rim for a week of backpacking. While we were at the bottom of the Canyon, the rim kept getting whiter and whiter. We knew that we would be hiking out in a ton of snow. I went with Yaktrax over traditional crampons because of their weight. Because I wasn't 100% sure that there was going to be snow, light-weight Yaktrax seemed like a good security measure. They were easy to put on, which I appreciated, and they gave me good traction on the way up the Canyon. The problem is that much of the trail was a mixed terrain--some very snowy patches and some rocky stretches. My pair of Yaxtrax lasted most of the way to the rim, but eventually the rubber wore through where it hit the side of my shoe's sole. This left me with a tangled mess around my foot as Yaktrax do not work at all as soon as one of rubber links break. So, in the end, I have to say that I like the weight and performance of the product over snow, but I would never trust Yaktrax in a pinch when quality gear really matters.