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dwr19612256531wrote a review of on April 20, 2009

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Lezyne’s new Micro Floor Drive HP is a modest-sized frame pump that’s quite similar to the popular Topeak Road Morph. Both function as on-the-bike “mini floor pumps” - designed to inflate tires to high pressures with less effort than their conventional counterparts. I recently ordered the Lezyne model and thought I’d share my initial impressions since there currently aren’t many reviews of it.

Now, I’ve owned a Topeak Road Morph for a few years, and for the most part, I like it. The pump generally works as advertised. My wife or daughter can bring a 700x23 tire up to rideable pressure with it – something they can’t do with other frame pumps. With minimal grunting and sweating I can fill a tire to 100-120psi.

Here’s a Road Morph:

However, in my experience, the Road Morph has a few shortcomings… The biggest for me is that the chuck can be temperamental when mated to standard-length presta stems – especially if semi-aero rims are involved. At times I’ve ended up holding the chuck in place with one hand while pumping with the other. The thumb-lock doesn’t get a good bite on the valve and just flops around uselessly. Not fun. Secondly, the pump features a lot of plastic; the chuck, fold-down foot peg, pivoting handle, and weird mounting bracket are all made of it. We’ve never broken anything, but I fear it’ll happen eventually. My final criticism concerns the length of the hose; at 9.5 inches, I find it a bit too short for the best functionality. When using the Topeak, your pump and wheel have to be in very close proximity- and the angle of one in relation to the other really matters.

All-in-all, the Road Morph offers a great concept – It just comes up short in the execution. So when I spotted the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive my eyes grew wide and my heart beat faster… Could this be the perfect frame pump? It sure looked like it… A quick Google search turned up a cursory (but positive) review in Velonews. Good enough for me; I quickly ordered one from Performance Bike…

Here’s the Micro Floor Drive HP:

Pulling it from the packaging after arrival, I was taken by how light the unit was. I personally don’t care about the heft of my frame pump, but if you do, take note that it weighs a claimed 160 grams. This compares to 220g. for the Road Morph, and 244g. for my trusty old large Blackburn FP-1 - a traditional frame-fit model. In fact, my initial thoughts were; Man, I wonder how durable this thing is gonna be… It just seems too light weight to do the job!

But I don’t think durability will be an issue. At all. Upon further inspection I noted that everything (except the hose, o-rings and seals) is made of aluminum or steel. The foot peg is a beefy 3mm steel bail mounted to a thick casting; the handle is a forged piece, and the pump body is CNC’d and highly polished. Everything looks and feels top-notch.

What sets the Micro Floor Drive apart, though, is its hose and chuck. The 24” hose is actually only 7 inches shorter than the one on my Silca Terra floor pump. It’s so long that when stored it runs from the pump base on one side, around the handle and down the other – finally securing on the base opposite its starting point. All that length means that you don’t have to hold (or prop) a wheel and tire up while you’re adding air – a mandatory operation with the Road Morph.

The chuck on the Lezyne works great, too. It’s a reversible aluminum piece that threads onto both presta and Schrader valves. I tested it on the dreaded ‘standard presta / semi-aero rim’ combo…. Though there wasn’t much valve to latch onto, it secured firmly and only lost a tiny puff of air when disconnected. Lezyne says the chuck will also work on smooth-sided presta valves, but I currently don’t have any tubes with those. There are two o-rings in the presta end of the chuck that would presumably create an air-tight seal.

I was able to fill a 700x23 tire to 120 psi in about 150 strokes. The last 25 or so required enough effort that I decided not to test whether I could reach the claimed 160psi maximum... There was never any drama as to whether the chuck would blow off, and I was able to position myself for good leverage because of the hose’s length. I’m confident that even a petite female could get 90 to 100psi into a road tire using the Micro Floor Drive HP.

The Lezyne’s frame mount is also more secure than the Road Morph’s single point system. In fact it mimics the one on Topeak’s Mountain Morph, where two plastic “C” brackets and a Velcro strap keep things tightly in place. The “D’ ring on the strap is even made of aluminum.

So am I impressed? Yeah… Greatly! It’s as though someone who loved their Road Morph sat around dreaming about how to make it better and came up with this one. It addresses all the shortcomings and adds top-quality finish and materials to boot.

Any criticisms? Just one so far – and it’s minor. The pump handle has recessed channels on two sides to help guide/secure the hose in storage. The channel edges dig into your skin a bit if you’re operating the pump bare-handed (which is what I did during my tests). Wearing any kind of cycling glove will eliminate that discomfort.

At $40 retail (and about $32 if you shop around) I think this pump is a great deal. Most of Lezyne’s other pumps use the same hose and chuck, and there are several different models to choose from (including an MTB version of the Micro Floor Drive called the HV). As an ultimate endorsement I just ordered a “real” Lezyne floor pump – the Alloy Floor Drive – because of how cool I think the design is.

I’ll post a long-term review in a few months – or update this thread if something interesting happens. I have yet to actually use the pump on the road, but goathead season is upon us here, so it’ll be happening soon.

By the way I DON’T work for Lezyne or for anyone who sells their products. I paid for my Micro Floor Drive in cold hard cash (well, OK, American Express) and just wanted to share my positive initial experience.

Hopes this helps others who are curious.