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doublediamond223 wrote an answer about on August 12, 2008

That's tough, I wish they sized this in normal small, medium, large sizes. I wear a large in the hirundos and that is pretty much perfect, although I max out the waist. I have a size 34 waist but big legs. I can't get my legs into the size 1 loops on the calidris, but I max out the waist on the size 2. I wear the two and it is comfortable with the legs open; I guess petzl does not size for ski-racer legs...




doublediamond223 wrote an answer about on August 6, 2008

I have size 12.5 feet and wear a 41.5 in these shoes, which equates to about a US 9. After breaking them in, which admittedly sucked, they are now my favorite shoes, and are really comfortable. Obviously, this isn't the type of shoe you leave on your foot for more than a boulder problem or sport climb, multipitch need not apply. I wear an 11 in anasazi V2s, for perspective. Sportivas stretch, 5.10 does not.At size 8, I would go with 36.5 at the largest. Probably 36 if you are used to aggressive shoes. (These are not for beginners, you will shred the rubber until you learn good footwork)