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Steamboat Springs, CO

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ex Terrain Park Sup. turned Slacker Shred-Betty


djprettyNINJAwrote a review of on December 8, 2009

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I wore these on the hill today and they are totally AWESOME! Extremely flattering fit but completely uninsulated- so if its a cold one definitely layer under to prevent thigh-cicles. I ran into an instructor I know but haven't seen since last season and she asked me if I'd lost weight (which I totally haven't, actually I know I've gained 5lbs over the summer), to which I replied: "PSSH! I ALWAYS LOOK THIS GOOD!"
I think it was the pants though.





djprettyNINJAwrote a review of on October 28, 2009

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i got these in the mail today and haven't taken them off since. they aren't quite what i had expected fit-wise. they definitely fit like you're favorite baggy, but boot-cut snowboard pants and not "just like a pair of slim fit jeans"- i had hoped for less sag in the butt and thighs. also, the length is perfect for rocking apres while sporting fresh kicks. however, the moment i lace up my boots and rock 'em on the mountain- i know i'll be wishing for the extra 2-3 inches in pant length. i'm not that tall, 5'7", i weigh 155lbs, and if some of my taller gfs tried these on i know for sure they'd be rocking high-waters. lastly, luckily i worked all those extra extra extra gigs this summer because i had a little $$$ to splurge on gear, feeling fancy without the need for foodstamps this fall. but a word to thriftier chicas: consider this purchase carefully if you are trying to stretch your duckets, i'm not sure they'll live up to the idea of luxury denim you might be expecting.

AND! I know it says "10,000 mm waterproofing" but don't be fooled like I was. These puppies absorb moisture better than Bounty paper towels- and trust me, you don't want to be wearing "the quicker picker upper" while freezing on a lift chair.