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dimigeo wrote a review of on October 3, 2011

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A great shoe, exactly what I was looking for (grip and waterproofing & general wear and forget).

the only downside to this shoe? the temp, the shoe just doesn't breath enough for a "alpine shoe" bear in mind i use these in Norway, which does not get as hot as the alps in summer. I don't think the Gore liner has anything to do with this, more the shoe's construction.

plus sides is the great heel support, the shoe feels "locked on" and the vibram sole is 100% amazing in everything (tree roots wet rock climbing, everything).

construction is 100% bomb proof! (so far)





dimigeo wrote a question about on September 26, 2011

These are apparently the lightest ski (for their dimensions) out there, was wondering about durability if compared to something similar (I.E. Völkl Nunataq, Sidestash) the stoke have a layer of graphite but is this enough to take the odd rock hit? I have heard that the Nunataq have very thin bases and yet they ares still heavier than the stoke.

how are these on steep icy descents? can they cope or are they unstable?