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dean.rainw2061877 wrote a review of on January 4, 2009

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I bought this thinking it would be perfect. I read the reviews and disregarded the negatives I read thinking the reviewers must be imprperly using the steripen or if the negatives were true surely the maufacturer would have fixed any issues with this newest model. I was wrong. When the unit worked it was effortless and magical however, it mostly didn't work which made me forget about the magic I experienced when it did work. I took this out for a 6 day trip and it worked all of three quarts on the first day and that was it. I followed all instructions and even kept the pen in my pocket the whole time to keep it warm. I tried it at home after returning and it did not work on my tap water either. I added salt per the previous reviewers suggestion and all it did was create salty untreated water. I love the concept and hope they make it reliable for use in the field in the future but this is not. Water is to important to leave to chance.