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dav4085964wrote a review of on August 10, 2011

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Good rubber, but that's about it.

I can't really figure out what the shoe should be used for. It's too bulky to be a light descent/approach shoe. It has super poor edging control and a lack of touch. I would say it's a good hiking shoe, but then again, the thickness and center of the balance of the shoe is off so you'll be rolling your ankles with heavy loads. The heavy duty design is not at all waterproof (but doesn't claim to be) so if you're doing any serious adventures and you encounter some water you're in big trouble.

It's not quite good enough to climb comfortably in the fifth class and isn't a good hiker is the bottom line.




dav4085964wrote a review of on April 18, 2011

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I really like the design of the pack. I fondled it in the store for a while, and because it seemed to suit all my needs: back access, hydration, ice axe carry, etc, streamline design, I bought it.

Well, a few weeks into it, the lockable compression clips have broken, the frame is always bending out of shape and becoming unusable, as well as constantly unclipping from it's worthless internal fastener.

The load adjustment (wast and shoulder) straps on top are not well designed and often become un-tightened or come out all together. The one above the hydration sleeve doesn't even rest on the strap itself: a complete lack of obvious r&d.

I am once again disappointed by an obvious lack of field testing and use of cheap materials and overseas production.