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d.a5510834 wrote a question about on May 15, 2013

hello helpful folks,
I'm planning to live out of a backpack a while. I love deuter's fit. So snug! Deciding between the 45+10 and 60+10 right now... I will be carrying my own tent, clothing, --- I'll be hopefully doing work exchanges on farms with a hiking/camping trip here and there. Any advice/experience on choosing a bigger pack over a smaller one other than the obvious of carrying more or less? ... thank you <3




d.a5510834 wrote an answer about on October 17, 2012


I am volunteering to work on a farm near San Vito. My host suggested I have a rain jacket. I'll be there November, December and January for sure... maybe longer :)! I will be mountain biking to and from the finca.

Suggestions are very helpful. One of my main concerns is-- I hear it can be a little difficult camping- mainly in my mind with mold. I am thinking long term here and know I'll be investing in a tent (I'm going solo) at some point. Seems like now may just be the time.

~But yes, clothing? Can I do with cotton?

~I didn't find mosquito netting on Back Country...

Ah! I am greatful for your help! xo