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d1r3040982 wrote a review of on November 11, 2011

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Purchased these about 7 years ago. They kept my hands so warm they sweat! I opted to put them away for a pair that was fingerless and flipped down. Wish these were made with a 'fingerless flip top' or removable inserts. :o)





d1r3040982 wrote a review of on November 6, 2011

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I purchased the Salomon SpeedCross2 shoe to help me run on the gravel roads of a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan July 2010. It was terrific! It grabbed every rock and lifted me over the powdery dust. When my back was pinching a nerve and I still had to wear boots I looked forward to waking up for PT every morning as I knew my feet would walk and run in comfort for at least two hours. Upon our return to Germany, I was pleased to find that the SpeedCross2 performed equally well on cobblestones. I have worn this pair down and am now in the market to replace the comfort, stability and endurance.