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cyclingdutchgirl wrote a review of on July 24, 2010

I think this tent is rubbish
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I do not understand the design of this tent.
Its ok if you ALWAYS camp in dry conditions.
But as soon as its wet you cannot open the doors (Why do they open to the floor??) without getting wet.
Also when you open the doors in the morning the water drips in from the roof.
I bought the vestibule in the hope it would improve things... It does a little, but the hole where the pole goes in ripped out in the first week. I fixed that with ducktape.
Its not very stable.
You cannot put it up when you can't use pegs. I used to have a north face tent, that is completely worn out after much use (Im riding a bicycle around the world so camp a lot)
I really do not like this tent at all. Waste of money. Actually I think Im going to send it back.
It looks nice in pictures though.