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crvish wrote a review of on February 20, 2012

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Zamberlan 760 Steep GTX
I bought this shoe because simply because I wanted it the moment I tried it on for size at a local store. I already have a back packing boot from Zamberlan called Vioz. But I really liked the look and feel of this boot. I was ok with having two backpacking boots. I was really in for a pleasent surprise. This is a little more of an a backpacking boot. The Backpacker magazine had described this as a Cadillac for your feet. There are NOT kidding I tell you. These shoes feel awesome, especially once you get on the trail. The way the soft leather encases your feet is something that is to be felt to be believed. The shock absorption is, well, like a Cadillac.The shoe is also has a more rigid shank than the Vioz. This makes it particularly very comfortable while climbing steep trails. The grip of this boot is amazing as well. Much better than the Vioz. There is a particular stretch in the trail that I often go to that is about 40% incline and filled with scree and small pebbles layer on top of one another, I almost always skid atleast once on that stretch coming down. But with the Steep the grip was solid. Because the boot was pretty rigid and sole was really sticky. The ankle support is fantastic and there is absolutely no issues with the toe hitting the front of the shoe.
However, be vary of wet rocks. I heard that this boot skids on wet rocks. But that is a trade off. Stiffer boots have this problem. This is due to the kind of rubber that is used on the sole of the boot.
I did not face any such problems but however, in my honest opinion this shoe is more for summer mountaineering in the West coast, Alaska or Colorado rather than backpacking say in the Applachian. This boot would handle ice and snow much better than running streams. I have carried up to 30lbs with this shoe and it is the most comfortable boot I have worn to date. I have had other hikers just look at this shoe and tell me that this shoe looks so comfortable. I tell you what they are not wrong. Go get it. Right now.





crvish wrote a review of on February 20, 2012

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First off, I m a big fan of Zamberlans and own 3 of their boots. The Skill GT, Vioz, and Steep. I m very very happy with all three of them. I was really hyped when I saw the Monster since I had been shopping for a light weight mountaineering boot for quite some time and did not find one that fit my foot volume.
Out of the box, the shoe fit like a dream. I wear a size 12 in Zamberlan and this was true to size. the shoe was extremely comfy. For those of you who own the Steep and know what comfy is, will find yourself redefining that notion once you wear the Monster. Yes, it is that comfy. I took it for a light hike in a near by trail and it performed admirably. Please note that this is a stiff soled boot and walking from the car to the trailhead or any kind of smooth level path is a pain. But once you are on the trail the support is amazing. Also, coming back down the shoe provides ample support and it is so soft inside that there absolutely no discomfort with your toe hitting the front of the shoe. There is also tremendous grip in relatively slippery portion of the trail.
Once I got to the steep part of the trail which required walking on scree and extremely uneven and steep terrain the shoe performed very well going up... coming back down was a completly different story!!!. The shoe is extremely unstable. Usually moutaineering boots are made a little narrower than backpacking boots, I own a stiff winter mountaineering boot, but the Monster was different. The shoe suddenly decides to tip over to one side without any warning whatsover. This happens on both the left and right sides. Luckily for the excellant ankle support and tight lacing I didnt break or sprain my ankle. This happened multiple times on the steep and uneven section of the trail. The shoe starts to perform well once the incline drops to 25% and the trail is relatively smooth. But who needs this shoe for that kind of terrain.
I spoke to the Backcountry help desk and I was told that this was indeed odd and was maybe due to the fact that the shoe not being broken in properly. So after about 20 miles of breaking in on normal trail, I took it back up again to the higher steep sections and guess what, Bang!!! the shoe tips over. I was really really nervous coming back down since I had hiked really high up a steep section and there really were'nt many people around to call for help if I had sprained or broke my ankle. I walked very very slowly back down the trail and even then the shoe tipped over a couple of times.
I promptly have returned the shoes with an extremely heavy heart. Zamberlan makes excellent shoes but the stability of this boot needs to be checked out.
I will definetly buy this shoe again if Zamberlan fixes this problem.



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