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colincarnivalwrote a review of on March 9, 2009

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i have the wheelie locker. my friend has this bag.... and i give it two thumbs up.
holds two peoples worth of gear for 2 days of riding and hanging out. two boards facing each other boots in between my outer gear in the middle and our overnight stuff in the top part. also i shoved his DOM in the board quill for the hell of it....
and about the boot bags not fitting cuz they go over the bindings... this is true. but the boot bags are on elastic. so you put the boots in them, and clip them in and set them behind the bindings (the straps stretch) and it keeps the board super secure inside there..... actually a really smart design. since the board ist he spine of the bag. love it.
basically i took ONE bag and my backpack w/ all camera gear for 3 days @ bachelor. ( 2 days of riding) and held some of my friends gear for them.