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colin futrelle

colin futrellewrote a question about on March 8, 2014

Does anyone have any first hand experience with how much these are going to stretch? I know the leather upper means its going to stretch quite a bit, but it seems to be incased pretty well with rubber. I've tried these on and love the fit, but if they stretch more than half a size, I think they'll start slipping off my heel pretty easily. I can't down size any more than the 42.5 (literally, I could not get my foot into a 42), so just looking for an actual stretch factor from someone that's broke them in already.



colin futrelle

colin futrellewrote a review of on November 14, 2010

5 5

I refer to these shoes as my comfy shoes. For those of you who like to feel what you are climbing, these shoes are perfect. These shoes let you feel everything. Lack of stiffness and lack of a downturned toe sacrifices a bit in edging performance, but they will do everything else. I have a pair of Sportiva Miuras for those bouldering problems with tiny little edges where you need a stiff toe, but for everything else I use the Force. I would recommend these shoes for anybody from beginners to experienced climbers. Just be warned that if you are used to a stiff toed shoe doing the work for you, you won't like these or may need to get used to them before you like them. If you want to strengthen your feet, and feel what you climb, buy these shoes. Also, I have worn these babies for 5 straight hours of climbing without taking them off. Best all around shoe I've seen yet.