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cody wrote a review of on December 16, 2010

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ok so like i said i bought my x-lander a few weeks ago. and it had the leather straps, and sucked... well last night i replaced the leather straps with the suunto x-lander military edition replacement straps... and i love it, it has reduced the weight of the watch tremedously... it looks just like the military edition just with the silver watch face.... it's pretty you cant find the straps on the suunto website ;( but i found them on amazon for around 24.00 they came in the original suunto packaging and with extra pins. overall just with the new bands it increased its appearance and function...




cody wrote a review of on December 14, 2010

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so i just recently bought the x-lander about two weeks ago. overall im impressed with the wristtop computer and the functions. all and all it really isnt that much different from the vector funtionality wise... if you are however on the verge of buying a suunto vector or xlander i would go with the vector. for the simple reason that the xlanders straps suck... the leather one and the synthectic they suck period. now if you just love the xlander i recommend going with the military edition. simply because the straps are more durable. plain and simple overall i have no complaints about the actual watch itself. so if you cant decide which one to buy i cant help you there but if i could do it over agian i would go with the vector or the military edition xlander.