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clare.cayl990386wrote a review of on April 17, 2009

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These skis are an excellent all-mountain ski for someone who dips into all sorts of terrain.
They are not very stiff and cannot handle very high speeds (I am 115 lbs and find they are not stiff enough).
They are good not great in powder.
They are excellent in the trees, especially when there is lots of snow. The tips will dive in deep snow unless they're skied in the backseat - something I don't really enjoy doing.

If you are a hard charging girl who wants a strong ski, grab the s5's instead of these. They are slightly bigger, stronger and can handle a higher energy skier.





clare.cayl990386wrote a review of on February 17, 2009

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I've had trouble with boots in the past, Garmont boots do not fit my feet. I've got a narrow foot, big instep/arch, and a wide toe bed. These boots fit very very well. They are a dream to tour in, and do great on the descent They're soft enough to give when you need it, but stiff enough to charge hard and drive big skis.
I am an extremely picky boot shopper, and I think I have found the one for me.

Best to try on any boots before purchasing them, everyone's feet are different.

These boots come with pretty lame insoles, so best to purchase a higher quality pair such as superfeet.

The soles that come standard on these boots are also not very impressive. If you do a lot of walking on the soles of your boots, I would invest in the more rugged soles.