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Clay Adams

Clay Adams

Atlanta, GA

Clay Adams

Clay Adamswrote a review of on June 20, 2014

They were great most of the time
4 5

I just returned from a 3 day rainier summit. We had great mixed snowy, windy, sunny conditions on the first two days and a white out on the decent. I wore these the majority of the time.

The Goods: As for protection, you couldn't go wrong with the XLs. The Standard on Rainier; sunscreen, lip balm and eye protection. The UV rays were crazy! Glad I had these.

The Bads: Sometimes they get foggy... There were several moments on the climb that I literally couldn't see my footing. I couldn't stop because I was roped up with my team so I had to take them off! I noticed the fog issue was happening when I was in a very tough, endurance segment of the climb AND it was foggy/snowy out. I never had the fogging issue when it was sunny out.

They would not stay on the top of my nose: I have never has this issue before but the glasses would slightly fall below the top of my nose. I was constantly pushing them up in the center of the frame (like a nerd, i guess). The adjustable back of the frame didnt seem to fix the issue so I had to tighten the retainer straps. As a result, I got this strange neck strain....

Basically, they work great most of the time. While they will protect your eyes very well, they will fog, maybe even in crux situations.

I did notice that several people were wearing these on the mtn including one of our guides. I





Clay Adams

Clay Adamswrote a review of on June 20, 2014

3 5

Fit: True to size

Just returned from a successful 3 day summit of Mt Rainier. I decided on these boots because I wanted a boot I can take up Rainier and eventually Denali. I went with a gaiter boot because they are recommended for extreme cold at 6000 meters.

First, the Goods: Insulation
My feet never felt cold. Ever! I took the boots up Rainier in early season when it was "unusually cold". While the conditions were in our favor on the summit, it snowed heavily on our decent. On the summit, we were told it was 6 degrees with 20 mile per hour winds. So that's a very low wind chill. My feet were super toasty! On the decent, my feet were covered in powder the entire way down. They were always comfortable.. No issue with cold feet. None. I used Black Diamond Crampons. They fit perfectly on the boot. No Issues there.

The Bads: Blister City!!!
I did everything I read to avoid blisters. I trained in them, walked in them for several days, weeks before the trip. But, every time I put weight on my back, there were hot pots on the inside heals of booth feet.

I purchased these boots a half size bigger like recommended.. In my attempts to avoid blisters during training, I would use mole skin, lube, use sock liners, and NEW padded socks. I would try with laces tight, perfect or loose.. It seemed, No matter what I did to avoid a hot spot, the hot spots would be there.. As a result, on day two (summit day) the blisters started to show. I would stop, apply new mole skin, lube, new socks, TWO liners. Nothing worked! Then, on the decent I started feeling hot spots on the top of my middle toes (not the front). As a result, on the decent, Day 3, I was hurting down the mountain. I was in so much pain. THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO! I was so helpless.

After the climb was done, I had two blisters on my heals and blisters on the top of 6 toes!! Horrible! What baffles me is the details say BLISTER FREE! I am so naive.

Most of the people on my team were wearing La Sportive EVOs. They never got cold




Clay Adams

Clay Adamswrote a review of on August 27, 2013

5 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
Fit: True to size

Kaenon Burnet Sunglasses, oh how I loved you so.
On the boat, ready to surf, dive into the water I go.
Should have known, with a lens so clear, that you were on my face.
Cause, while underwater I saw you sink at an incredible pace.
Each day since, as I'm about, with the sun blinding the sky,
I'm reminded of your mighty shield that once polarized my eyes.
I dream of the day, upon each day of when I will wear you again,
I just cant imagine spending another freaking fortune again.