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chokapi wrote an answer about on May 7, 2012

Sure you can, but not really for proteins (fish, eggs, meat,) unless you have plenty of fat (lard, butter, oil) and are able to regulate the flame, or adjust the pan to the distance from it. So, for your pocket rocket, less likely. But if you can regulate the heat over a flame by moving it further/closer to the fire, sure. One way to use the lid, as well, is as a double boiler. Put plenty of water in one of the pots, and instead of putting the lid on like you normally would, turn it upside down. You'll get plenty of heat to slowly cook some proteins (small fish, and eggs) without burning them. As for the diameter, The lid and large pot, 7.5", the small pot, 6.5".




chokapi wrote a review of on May 7, 2012

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I've had this set for over twenty years. The outside of both pots are absolutely coated with carbon that will never, ever come out, and I like that - call it a patina.

One of the best features is the lid: Not only does it fit both pots, but it can be turned upside down to act as a double-boiler - great for reheating without getting a big pot dirty. I often use it to warm up a Clif bar in cold weather while boiling water for oatmeal or coffee.

I usually only take the large pot and the lid with me. My MSR Rapidfire, inclusive of the windscreen and pot grabber, fit nicely inside the pot.