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chodersmot1008526 wrote a review of on April 22, 2009

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I bought this under the assumption that it would simply fit on my jetboil. As it turns out you have to spend another $20 on a stability kit in addition to the $30 you have to spend on this pan (Why isn't there anything in the description about this?!!). But by the time you have spent $100 on the jetboil personal cooking system, and the $20 on the stability kit, you could just as easily use a $5 frying pan from Wal-mart. The only two differences are this has annoying and flimsy handles, and the Wal-mart pan will have to have the much sturdier handle screwed off. The second difference being the cost ($30 vs. $5)!! They really should just package them together for less cost and packaging filling up the landfills. Where is the environmental concern with jetboil anyway??? My stability kit didn't even come in a recyclable plastic package? I had to buy it from a different site, because didn't have it in stock?? It's alot of money and headache for a frying pan!!




chodersmot1008526 posted an image about on March 31, 2009

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I was a little hesitent buying these shoes because I had never heard of the name before. But the price was right and they seemed to have some unique appeal to them. So I figured I would give it a shot. These shoes are very comfortable (and i'm the guy that will try on 20 pairs of shoes before I call any one of them comfortable!!) Fit my foot very nicely. I wouldn't wear these on a hike, but they are a great casual/sport shoe. However, they really need to do something with their advertising, it's a little feminine to be selling a mens shoe.