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chazclimbe528633 wrote an answer about on December 10, 2011

I used the spantik on Aconcagua 2 years...

I used the spantik on Aconcagua 2 years ago, they where awesome! A lot of other people where waring them as well, pretty popular boot for a 7000m peak. Id also recommend a plastic liner in between your socks, to keep your sweat out of your boots, do your research before you go or you'll get cold feet no matter what boots your waring. I wear a size 11 street shoe and i orded a 46 to acomidate a liner sock, plastic liner, and a thicker wool sock. Have fun, be safe, party on!




chazclimbe528633 wrote a review of on January 29, 2010

Suunto Core Extreme collecttors edition
5 5

My old watch indiglo went out so it was time for a new watch. I started doing the research and found that Suunto was what I was looking for. I finally narrowed it down to the core model. But they all looked to big and goofy for me until they came out with the collectors edition. It looks like a normal watch, ya its still pretty big but heck it does everything. I've owned the watch for 2 months now. Took it to the top of Aconcagua. It worked flawless the entire time. There where 20 other people in the expedition, all with various other brands and models and we kept comparing the altitude to each other. This model was extremely accurate with in 100'. The menu system is easy to navigate, the buttons are easy to use but don't depress against your big clothing. The barometer is just as accurate, and fun to use. Haven't had a chance to use the depth meter but comparing it to the other systems I'm sure its up to par. The normal watch functions are extremely easy to access and quite useful. The only complaint is: I wish the alarm was a bit louder. Other than that Id recommend it to every one.

Side note, A lot of the guides like the style and tried to purchase it from me. So keep it covered unless you want to sell it. ha