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the bomb

THis is the shelter. Better than any other poleless design out there. It's the weight/size of a bivy in your pack, but is totally spacious. Yes you need to be tough to sleep in a such a light shelter- there's no floor, or "tent" as you say, but this keeps you dry and protected- without having to lug poles. Only 1.8# w/out the pole, just string a line and hang the apex. The very best option if you have to carry your shelter.





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not a scam, a marketing deal. I'm a aggressive male skier, live in MT and I've had G3 alpinists for 2 yrs in a 120 for my BD Verdicts. I've used them 30 or so times and love them, although (unrelatedly) the connection between the tip connector and the ski appears to (like 2 of my friends) suffer reliability issues.

However! The glue is so totally badash that they're tough to pull apart, and I'm a strong 210# dude. Even on yoyoing tours I never have trouble w/the glue keeping the skin on the ski and have wished for the new "ripstrip" many times. Certainly for G3 to say "Our goal was to create a climbing skin that the unique needs of female skiers" is an distracting and perhaps insulting way to say "built for weaker people," but that doesn't mean a ripstrip won't be appreciated by anybody with that much super-effective glue holding skin to ski.

Too bad they're targeting females with this; it's going to be equally useful to men. Haven't looked to see if the elle comes in a 190cm for a board as wide as the Verdict, but if they do, they'll for sure be my next skin.




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More than HALF A GRAND?! Come on y'all; real freakin skiers don't have that kind of cashola, at least not here in Montana! The folks at Dynafit should please-oh-please give us a binding we can afford! So, the question: when, where, can I find this binder at a reasonable price?! This elitist, overpriced bull$hit drives me nuts.