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cec1100007556wrote a review of on September 25, 2012

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I have a bit of a skinny, but tall head, and have been wearing your standard XC/roady looking helmets for years. On rides longer than an hour or two, the standard XC helmets would start digging into the very peak of my head - not a great feeling for those all day rides. Also, they always sat on my head like an oversized carbon fiber zit. Yay.

Anyways, I wanted to try a helmet with more coverage and a different style - and this one was perfect. I ended up with the Sm/Md size after trying both sizes on. The large size was comfortable, but left too much room around the sides of my head. Styling - love it. Great shape to the helmet, good coverage around the ears/back of head. Also, I got the silver shown above - but something must have been wrong w/ the photo shoot because my helmet is more white and lighter silver than the photos show - which is great, cause it helps reflect the sun better, and looks fantastic.

Anyways, I had to order another helmet because my wife stole mine.

In summary, this helmet is comfortable (comes with 2 different size pads to help adjust to your noggin) and does not have your typical band that tightens. I wore it on a 4 hour ride in hot sun, moderate temps (80s) and did not think this was any warmer than my XC style helmet (I was still sweating like a pig, but that's me regardless). Styling - looks awesome, no more zit head! Cost - great. This was about half the price of my last Specialized helmet, and fits/looks much better.

I would say if you are on the fence, order it and try it. If it doesn't fit . . .send it back. I was very pleased with this purchase, and so was my wife.