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brent.lesl1678179wrote a review of on August 29, 2010

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I used this stove about 30 times and it worked perfectly. I was impressed with the ease of use and durability so decided it would be the one for a 6 month SE Asia cycle tour...

Unfortunately in the Laos countryside,right when I needed it most,a leak appeared somewhere in the fuel line that meant air would come out instead of fuel. Gah! I ate rough for a little while and dismantled the whole fuel line to try and find the problem. I figure it must be leaking somewhere where the little plastic hose connects to the bottle top in the inside of the bottle,or else I am stumped! What I can say is that air comes out (and fuel occasionally) of the bottle instead of fuel!

I emailed the "customer service" about this over a week ago but am yet to receive any actual customer service or acknowledgment of my existence.

From other reviews it seems the stove is a bit of a gamble - sometimes you get a lemon.