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brandon wrote a review of on February 15, 2011

5 5

1st analysis.
Just got this tent off ebay for $114.
Shopped around for a 2 man (using it solo but wanted more room) 3 season for last 6 months.
Price range was $100-$150.
I liked the Kelty Grand Mesa but wanted the door on the wide side. If I'm stuck in there due to weather I want to look outside while laying on my side vs on my stomach. also easier to access pack in the vestibule. I looked at the Teton 2 also but didn;t like the incomplete fly. The Gunnison was a little out of my price range.
Kelty nailed it with the Salida. Best of both worlds, more screen, weighs less.
Same size as the rest.
Upon initial set up I am very pleased with the quality of the tent. Easy to set up. I actually let a seven year old with no prior tent pitching experience do it and he intuitively pitched in in a few minutes.
I'm glad I waited until 2011 and glad Kelty put out just the product I was looking for.
If they let me design my own tent this is exactly what I would have done.




brandon wrote a review of on November 16, 2010

5 5

I bought 2 of these to try them out on my last backpacking trip.
The first one was runny and I kept draining it but it never ended. I just added Tapatio and ate it.
The next one I used 1/4 less water and swished it around to fully submerge everything.
Perfect Eggs! No Sog!
I added more Tapatio anyway because thats how I like my eggs.
Definitely better than oatmeal.
I'm bringing these every trip for breakfast.
I needed 2 to stuff me.
Maybe 1 would work if I had tortillas and oatmeal on the side.