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bowmanun wrote a review of on January 26, 2011

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Firstly I think I should thank Jon Webb for his kindly help with my final decision,which was seemingly to be more difficult than finding out this jacket. After scrolled through the pages of reviews I gotta be more confused. Mine fits well with S in the MHw sizing chart but from the feedbacks it turned out to be small. Can't wait but give a shot before the winter goes.

I bought an M finally, which I believe till now still between "perfect" and a little "large".It has longer sleeves that exceed more than half of my hands, (looks a little bulky at ends when wearing), and the bottom of coat cover up well over my hip. The neck and chest were OK. Should say for me the slim design defeated the length cons and made it looks a great down jacket.

Just for more information.One inside pocket had been added for wallet in 2010 version, and the two handwarmer pockets were so good to stop coldness and heat up my frozen fingers in minuts. So was the soft hood for ears,really much down enough for the enjoyable feeling..and how I wish the forearms contain the same much! The best chance to test the cold leakage in arms should be when the body catch a cold or extremely starving, bad enough that both happened to be carried out in mine. Like many put it, the results were negative---it began to chill from nowhere but one of my forearms,then the other.

Unlike what is seen on the pics of this jacket, the conduit softshell is not glossy at all but kind of matte and tough,breathable with fine mesh textile,should be durable for a few winters.Till now the hissing static has not occured while slightly, some fine soft white down leakout was seen on my sweater and elsewhere the jacket was put, well not a big issue though.

Briefly, a good design, comfortable, warm enough for commuter and "downtown" travel,with a few cons for those who really care.

Based on these, before a "yes" or "no" for recommendation, I would recommend friends to scroll the pros and cons in this page and decide themselves.





bowmanun wrote a question about on December 30, 2010

Someone can help me,experts!..very much curious about this Jacket but just not sure about the size(as some users mentioned smaller than standard Size No.?) I'm 5'8 ,135lb,(most sizes come to S,like waist 31.5, chest 38,hip 37,neck 14,and sleeve 32.5)But Im worrying if it too slim for my slim body, or short at bottom. Hope to get back from you soon, honestly, thanks a lot!!