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Born in Maryland, and moved every 2 years thanks to the Army. Ironically enough after 16 years of moving around we settled in...Maryland, where I promptly joined the military and continued to travel the world. Love all things adrenaline, you name it I like to do it or at least have a go. I currently live in the UK with my lovely misses, where I spend most ofmy days either getting tattooed or racing around town on my MTB...getting the shopping in. To be fair, I have been away for the last 3 years.


bernie_8823 wrote an answer about on October 27, 2008

I have just recently returned from the Middle East and Afghanistan. I used the absolute first generation ETREX and was able to map routes without having to download anything. Some mapping was done on the move by vehicle and it still performed well, provided you will also be purchasing the car kits that are available. I was in the absolute middle of no where and only had problems when I had LOADS of overhead cover. My medic had this model and it performed even better and it's 10 digit grid was easier to set up and reference (Make certain if you decide to purchase this you download the advanced users guide) Hope this helps.