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berg-hoch1799118 wrote an answer about on February 26, 2010

I've been skiing the 7tm Power Tour for three years now and I'm very satisfied. For a 58 year old life long skier like myself who wants to have fun but do all I can to preserve my knees, the 7tm is absolutely the way to go. No other telemark binding offers a reliable, DIN certified release. I also have a pair of skis mounted with the Voile CRB hardwire releasable binding, but use them only occasionally. The 7tm is more expensive and heavier, but it is clearly superior in design, adjustability and reliability. In my opinion, for protection of the legs and knees, the 7tm is definitely worth it. Also, for backcountry skiing, being caught in an avalanche while clamped in a non-releasable binding could be very ugly. Have fun skiing! --Mike