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Barbara's Passions




bbf3166027 wrote a review of on July 3, 2009

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just beware about the random colors..i expected orange, black, or lime like the pictures showed in the pool of possibilities; however, what showed up was about as girly as you can possibly get - a bag covered with pink, white, and purple flowers. In no way is it even close to neutral looking. I have to say I am not at all happy about the print - I guess it motivates me to work harder on designing my own chalk bags. But right now I'm basically the laughing stock everywhere I go, or I get weird looks and people (other guys) keep their distances from me fearing that since I ended up with a flower power chalk bag I must be gay and therefore about to hit on them.

Actually it's not the worst, Its a great icebreaker with the ladies...or I just tell people it's my girlfriend's who climbs V10s and is in Rocklands at the time racking up the V10 FAs, that usually shuts people up.

Functionality speaking, the bag is pretty sweet, with a pocket on the bottom to add stuff to weigh it down, or for your stash. There's also another pocket on the side that easily fits clippers and tape, then of course room for two brushes. The M-16 brush is great but looses tension like most brushes after a couple months...i still would take it over anything else on this site. As far as the super chalk is concerned, I don't like it...I have my reasons, none of which will fit into a few sentences.