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asl2536576 wrote a review of on April 29, 2010

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I bought this jacket with the PCT Kick-Off in mind and it was excillent! Sitting low to the ground, in a large bowl by a lake, at night, with the wind blowing, for two to three hours, watching movies, I was not moving around to keep myself warm at all. I did have on a layer of fleese underneath that I really did not need. I kept warm. The fold-up caller allowed me to sink down into it and protect my lips from chapping too. I hands also stayed warm in the pockets. The jacket packs up small and light in its own stuff sack so it won't take up any room in my pack. This deffenitly is going on the trail with me.






asl2536576 wrote a review of on September 13, 2009

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I just came off a three day trip into the back country of the Sierra Navada mountions. It was the first time that I used the Platypus system. For me, it was very convenent not to have to pull a bottle out from my hip belt. I liked this a lot. However, when I am huffing and puffing up the side of a peak, I tend to stop and allow my heart rate and breathing to come back into normal range now and then. When I did this, it was too easy to suck on the platypus while i was sucking air. This did not work well for me. Water and air are not interchangable. Ah, but that is just me.

I did notice that the valve cover came off a few times. This would happen both while I was hiking, so that was no problem, but also when I would set my pack down in the dirt, where it did become a propblem. I would then have to retrive a water bottle from my hip belt to clean off the month peace of my platypus, hum... Perhaps Platypus could make this just a little more secure.

Over all, I enjoyed the system and was glad I bought it along.