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ape101018403 wrote a review of on September 18, 2011

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After I saw the videos of the boatloader, I knew this was what I needed. I'm 5'5" and have a 15' kayak that I need to be able to load on top of my car by myself. The boatloader seemed to be the solution. It installed very quickly and easily on my Yakima round bars. My car is a Prius and I'm using the Yakima Bowdowns. After putting the bow of the boat onto the boatloader, I lift the stern end and the boatloader bar is so slippery that if I didn't stop it, it would have slipped completely off the boatloader - that little sanddollar at the end sure wasn't going to stop it. This happened every time I tried it. Perhaps if I didn't have to turn my boat sideways to load onto the J-style racks, perhaps if my hull wasn't made of thermoform, perhaps if the bottom of the boat was flatter, this might have worked. Looking back at the videos, it seems they were using plastic boats that weren't slick. Returned the boatloader the same day.