ale3906692 wrote a review of on August 28, 2011

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I bought a few of these and they are awesome. We do night riding on our motorcycles and one of these on each dirtbike is enough to get us out at night moving at a reasonable speed.
The straps have to be attached properly, loop them up through and then down onto the snaps, then the straps work great and these lights don't move at all no matter how technical the terrain. We now have 7 of these in my riding group and every single one has been amazing. Easily worth paying 75$ each for these things!!!

You can see about 20-25 feet with these. Also, we charged them over night before taking them out and using them and got 4 hours on every light. Much better than the 2 hours the stats say. The only weird thing is they don't go dim at all when they start to die, they just shut off. 4 hours of 100% and then they're done.





ale3906692 wrote a review of on July 14, 2010

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I tried using these tubes in my WTB werewolf's doing fast DH with some rock garden sections. 2 flats on the rear tire on the very first 2 runs. This may be the werewolf's fault. So I took the werewolf off the rear and put on a Specialized Chunder, which is a dual-ply tire. I got 3 runs down with this setup (werewolf in front, Chunder in rear), just fine then on one run pinched both the front and rear flat.

I understand I probably shouldn't have tried the werewolf as a rear tire, but I think this is too many flats.

But they're so cheap, maybe I'll try running the old flat ones around the outside like suggested.