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al mcinally

al mcinally wrote an answer about on April 19, 2013

I'm 62 and ski the steep and deep every day. Been skiing since I was 15.
The rossi S7 is my current ski. It's the best ski I've ever used. You can fly in the deep powder with tremendous stability. The ski is super responsive because you are primarily skiing on a very short running surface which is the distance from the upcurve at the tip to the upcurve near the tail. If you have ever skied on super short skis you know you turn them very fast. I use 188s which are just about my height.

The tip of the S7 seems perfect, for me it turns intuitively. I don't even think about it and goes exactly where I want. I ski crud and powd daily and the ski is reasonable on hardpack and icy stuff where most any ski is not quite good enough.

The tail is the ski's most fantastic quality. Being strongly upturned provides super controlled smearing. It is the easiest, least catchy (during a turn), tail I ever skied. It never throws you. You can dump speed like non other.
If you are skiing a narrow steep shoot where you have to dump speed but there is nowhere to turn the ski still dumps speed while going straight and the tail and tip don't catch and throw you.

I've heard of quite a few people who don't like the ski but I can't understand why. I think they have a psychological hang up on it. Give it some time and you will never find a better more versatile expert ski.
There is one drawback which is well worth the positives and that is the tail catches occasionally on the other tail when skating or working on long hard uphill climbs. Mainly due to being tired while climbing or skating. If you are in super shape and young and aggressive you may prefer the Super 7 since it has a metal plate in it and gives it a slightly heavier but more stable performance. Being older and I ski with more turns rather than flat out speed I much prefer the S7 as a lighter easier turning ski.