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adambwrote a review of on December 7, 2007

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Dont listen to this guy -- the laces are tight and so is the boot.

The lacing system is very fast, I can boot up in about two minutes taking my time, and adjustments on the lift, on the slope are a cinch, without removing my gloves (which are currently 1size too large.. ). I havent had any mess beyond one criss cross to sort out, and I've ridden on these boots about 12 times so far. The cams are very helpful in achieving a tight snug fit as they do not allow the laces to retreat once you hve pulled them up. The side-by-side positiong is a minor design flaw, if at all.

The leather handles (which are meant to be attached on the outside, as pictured) actually stuff rather conveniently between the shell and the inner boot, one on each side of your leg, which give you a somewhat more snug fit as well, so keep that in mind when lacing up.

Of course, if you absolutely abhor the leather pulls, simply _remove them_ -- they are just hook and loop around a regular lace.

I was riding a softboot regularly before and the responsiveness of the hard boot is definitely welcome, and these are pretty stiff.

It may be a bit of a departure from your typical lace-up boot, but aren't you sick of blisters anyways? Besides it can't hurt to learn yourself a new trick. If you're looking for a hard boot and can handle learning a new method of lacing them up, pick these up without question.