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abowen400306 wrote a question about on September 11, 2014

Looking to switch up to the Cochise. Tried some for a week Kabookies last year and liked them a lot. Nice stable feel on all kids of conditions (in the Alps). Normally ski at Mad River Glen in the East so need a quickish ski that does well in moguls and "natural" east coast snow. Advanced intermediate to expert, 190lbs 6' 55 years old but at the gym everyday so not totally done and ready for nothing but groomers. Been mostly on a park ski (Salomon 2012) for the last couple of seasons. Nice and quick with tons of bounce but not stable enough for me anymore, plus no edge grip. Anyway Cochise gets such good reviews and I like the construction technique used, but will they be too demanding. How do they compare to the Kabookie for example?