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aaastone wrote a question about on December 1, 2012

Are any more photos available? I cannot find any on the Snowpulse web site. Specifically, I'm interested in the size of the shovel pocket. Could you reasonably fit a blade 11x9.5 inches in it?

Also, is 35L the volume available or does the bag / canister take up some of that space?




aaastone wrote an answer about on February 4, 2011

I have an older version of the Freerider 26. It's a good pack, but I'm looking for something bigger right now. It depends on what kind of BC skiing you're planning. When I have mine stuffed with avy gear and extra gloves, my shell, puffy jacket, water bottle, etc it runs out of room quickly. Crampons then need to be strapped outside, which can be awkward. Helmet also needs to go outside.

If you're doing day trips without much chance of getting stuck in the cold, it's great. It's also fantastic for spring skiing in warmer temps. It cinches well and I hardly notice it on the way down, even with all that stuff in it.




aaastone wrote a review of on January 14, 2008

5 5

I'm new to telemarking, so take this for what it's worth...

The bindings were easy to install on my K2's once I had the proper Voile fasteners. I would have preferred that they had been included, as I didn't know I needed them until after the bindings arrived.

They have worked well on the slopes. The three pin interface is a little tricky to engage. The release mechanism works, and I have not had any un-desired releases. Re-engaging the release plate was a little challenging on the hill.

I found that the release settings in the instructions were too conservative for me... at first, they wouldn't release when I wished that they would. After backing off some more, I've found a good balance.