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Yanna wrote a question about on December 2, 2011

My friend got this jacket (from a different retailer) and the sleeves were very thin compared to my Expedition parka. Also the one she got was tight across the back shoulers. (SHe's a size 4, but got a size medium in women's to accommodate some layering.) Is this jacket supposed to have less down stuffing in the sleeves compared to the Expedition parka (around half the thickness) and does it run very small through the back shoulders or did my friend get a counterfeit? I'm interested in getting another Canada Goose jacket, one that's a bit shorter than the Expedition parka, but don't know if I should order this style or select another style. IF this is the way it's supposed to be, can you reccommend antoher style that would be shorter than the Expedition parka, but still REALLY warm? Thanks in advance for your insight and advice.



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