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Win Shaw

Win Shaw wrote a review of on February 3, 2012

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For what it's worth I've found that when putting Atlas snowshoes on I can't use the same technique I've used for many years with other brands. To whit if you place your foot in the binding, pull back against the heel strap, and tighten the toe straps the shoes wind up coming off. The best way is to preadjust the binding size so the tip of your toe falls a bit further back then the the middle of the toe hole in the deck. Then put mild rearward pressure on the heel strap by pulling your foot back and tighten the toe strap. Now grab the rear strap and cinch it up as tight as you can get it. When I follow this technique the shoes never come off. It can be kind of pain at times, however, as you really have to kneel in the snow to do it and even then it can be difficult to see the buckle to align the strap holes with the buckle pin.