Willy Syndram

Willy Syndram

Dahlonega, Georgia

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willy's Passions

Trail Running
Ice Climbing
Sport Climbing

willy's Bio

The mountains are my home.

The thought of a twenty mile run on the appalachain trail makes me smile. The thought of another AT thru-hike makes my heart race...!!

I am currently living in north Georgia training for my next challenge... a 60 day unsupported thru-hike of the appalachain trail. I have thru-hiked the AT three times so far and am looking forward to many more. You can learn more about me and my next challenge at www.natureboyhiking.com

I ran the Pinhoti 100 for my first ultra event, and now i am an addict..!! I have several more ultras lined up including Georgia's first 100 miler.

I am driven to find out how far my body and mind will go. How far past the line can I push. I am always looking for my next challlenge.





Willy Syndram

Willy Syndram wrote an answer about on March 3, 2011

Here are the listed inseam lengths for this product....

Inseam-Regular: Extra Small..30in(76.2cm) Small 30.5-31in(77.5-78.7cm) Medium 31.5-32in(80-81.2cm) Large 32.5-33in(82.5-83.8cm) Extra Large 33.5in(85cm)

Inseam-Short: Extra Small 28in(71cm) Small28.5-29in(72.5-73.5cm) Medium 29.5-30in(75-76cm) Large 30.5-31in(77.5-79cm) Extra Large 31.5in(80cm)

Inseam-Tall: Extra Small 32in(81cm) Small 32.5-33in(82.5-84cm) Medium 33.5-34in(85-86cm) Large 34.5-35in(88-89cm) Extra Large 35.5in(90cm)

hope this helps....



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